Working Together for A Better Indiana

Ed Charbonneau has grown up, worked, and raised a family in Northwest Indiana. He understands the unique challenges that our community faces and is our voice in Indianapolis.

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Ed Charbonneau
Working for Northwest Indiana

Protecting Indiana Jobs

Senator Charbonneau’s experience has helped Indiana’s legislature find solutions to the unique challenges facing the state’s businesses and workforce. He knows Hoosier workers need the education and job skills required for in-demand careers and employers need access to work ready applicants. Because of these needs, he supported HB 1002 which gives high schools the flexibility to create new career and technical education (CTE) courses. It expands eligibility for the Workforce Ready Grant, covering the full cost of high-value, industry certificate courses for Indiana’s high school graduates. Senator Charbonneau has also worked to provide much needed support for Hoosier small businesses. In 2019, he co-authored SB 233, a bill that doubles the personal property tax exemption from $20,000 to $40,000. It is projected to provide $4 million in tax savings to more than 28,000 small businesses throughout Indiana.

Prioritizing Indiana Education

Serving on the Senate Appropriations Committee and School Funding Subcommittee, Senator Charbonneau helped secure nearly $700 million in new, direct support money for Indiana’s K-12 education system. This major funding increase was provided while still maintaining a structurally balanced budget and strong rainy day reserves. He supported a measure giving local schools the option to determine whether or not student test results will be used as part of teacher evaluations. Senator Charbonneau also worked to provide an additional $150 million from the State General Fund Reserves to pay down the post-1996 Teacher Retirement Fund Plan, resulting in an annual savings of $70 million or a 2% reduction in a school corporation’s retirement contributions. As your State Senator, Ed Charbonneau’s leadership on these issues demonstrates his commitment to the success of Indiana’s teachers, students and schools. 

Improving Indiana Healthcare

As Chairman of the Senate Health and Provider Services Committee, Ed Charbonneau is working hard to ensure quality healthcare is accessible to and affordable for all Hoosiers. In 2020, Ed authored and passed SB 184 with overwhelming bipartisan support. This is an innovative solution allowing Indiana’s farm community to develop its own healthcare program catered specifically to the needs of Hoosier farmers. His leadership has paved the way for other unique segments of Indiana’s population to do the same.

A Strong Voice for NW Indiana

Ed’s integrity and collaborative efforts bring people together to accomplish the best possible results for northwest Indiana residents and for all of Indiana. Senator Charbonneau is endorsed by organizations representing the public sector, businesses and labor organizations on local, state and national levels. 

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